The Fifth Avenue Salon Look without the Fifth Avenue Price

Get your best haircut in Prescott and help with education at Rogers Beauty Salon.Prescott is not the one-horse-town that it used to be. We are seeing an influx of people from all over the country, mainly because we have been in several top ten lists. We’re becoming more trendy and cosmopolitan. We have more places for dining and entertainment and when it comes to going out on the town, we want to look our best. Are you wondering where to get an updated haircut in Prescott? Do you want a Fifth Avenue look without paying the Fifth Avenue Price? Roger’s Student Salon has a list of pros for feeling your best, too.
•    Give back to your community
•    Take part in the training
•    Help with education
•    Help someone advance into a new career
•    Veer away from traditional looks
•    Your haircut will look up-to-date
•    New, young talent is not afraid to experiment, and they are forward-thinking
•    You can get an edgy hair cut
•    Each student is under guidance
•    Your haircut is technically done by a licensed cosmetologist
•    Your hair cut will be done correctly while the student is supervised
•    You will be in a clean and safe environment
•    Disinfection and sanitation practices are maintained under strict rules
•    Cosmetology schools are aware of state regulations
•    A student salon has the latest technologies
•    A beauty school has the most advanced techniques

A student salon offers more than a trendy haircut in Prescott. Roger’s Student Salon would like to remind you that they offer additional salon services: hair treatments, hair color, nail manicures, makeup application, hair removal, facials, body treatments and dozens of spa services. Call 928-848-9929 to set an appointment.



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