Introducing Rogers Student Salon - Where You Get a Stylish Haircut

A great haircut in Prescott makes you look good and feel good. Rogers Student Salon has the latest looks.A great haircut makes you look good and feel good. Did you know that you can get a stylish haircut at Roger’s Student Salon in Prescott? Better than that, you don’t have to pay the full salon price. Rogers Academy of Beauty has the look and feel of a full service beauty salon in Prescott. Roger’s Academy offers women’s hair design and men’s haircuts.

Keep in mind, at Roger’s Academy we go beyond the haircut with creativity.  If you’re looking for some basics, they offer a combination of hair cut and shampoo, or haircut, shampoo and blow dry. If you’re just trying to get by between haircuts, you can get just a bang trim at a bargain price.

If you’re getting ready for a special dance or a wedding, Roger’s Academy will give you the up-to-date hair style you need with a roller set, blow-dry, or glamorous up-do. While you’re there the for a hair cut, you might want to spring for a deep moisture conditioner, or reconstructing conditioner.

Are you going to a high school reunion and you want to look younger than the other ladies there? We can’t guarantee that you will look like your graduation portrait, but we can take away a few years with one of our Hydro Facial Treatments. It’s more than a facial, and by the way, we also do a superb job of applying make-up. We also provide facial contouring, oxygen facial treatment glycolic acid facial treatments, and more!

The seasons are about to change again and it’s time to think about color, hair coloring, that is. Make yourself you, only better with our fabulous line of hair color, and highlights. We have a variety of hair coloring services, which include a blow-dry: Hair color retouch, full hair color, color correction, and so much more!

Did we mention the fantastic rates at Rogers Student Salon in Prescott? Call to set up an appointment today at 928-848-9929. Roger’s Academy of Beauty in Prescott has a convenient location with plenty of parking. Beauty is within reach!



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